• Face & Body Art
  • Airbrush Tattoos
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Imagination Station


**All Bookings are done on the contact page**

Face Painting                                  $100 ; $80 each additional hour  

Want to see your little angel turn into a beautiful princess or a furious monster? Face Painting is perfect for you. With our water based, FDA ingredients approved face paint, kids and adults can transform into anything they choose or just get a simple little design.

Body Painting                                                  starting $200+

Transform yourself into your favorite superhero, become a living canvas of art or simply get painted some jeans and a shirt on you with a full/half body painting.

Airbrush Tattoos                             $100 ; $90 each additional hour

A quick way to get a cool, almost realistic tattoo with 100's of designs to choose from. It's applied through a airbrush machine with alcohol based face paint. The tattoo can lasts up to two weeks with proper care.

Glitter Tattoos                                 $100 ; $90 each additional hour

Don't we all like something shiny?? How about on our skin?? Waterproof, so it can last as long as you would like??? Glitter Tattoos is right for you...and your pool party

Belly Bump                                                      starting $60+

Belly Bump paintings are for the expecting moms who wants to bring a artsy side to the family maternity photos. A design or concept can be made to be painted on the belly of the mom. The mom can choose between one design or multiple designs for different stages of her pregnancy.

Imagination Station                                            $200

A guided 45 minutes to a hour art activity of your choice or discussion from my book of activities. The activity can be based on theme or age appreciation. Overall it is fun entertainment for you and your guest to have as a memorable keepsake. **All supplies are provided**

Glow N' Dark Event                                       $100 a hour

For Black Light/Glow-In-The-Dark parties, special paint is used for you and your guest. The paint can be used in daytime light for bright colors and under black light for the glowing affect. You can also choose to hire a Brush Element Model to be body painted to take pictures with on site of the event for an additional price.

Halloween Make-up                             Kids: $12+   Adults: $40+

Found the perfect costume to wear for Halloween but don't know how to create the overall look with makeup? We are here to finished that look for you. Halloween makeup is also a more fun way to celebrate the night with regular clothing and a dramatic, scary face. Choosing between all makeup/face paint OR makeup/face paint with special effects is up to you. 

Festival/ Company Event                  $100 a hour ; $5 per design

Vendor events?? This is perfect for you!! We provide tables, tent, banners and more, if needed, to show your guest the full package of Brush Elements and what we're all about. Based on discussion it can be charged hourly for the Festival Tent or charged per guestper design.

Brush Elements Models                              $200 per model

Entertaining Models can be used for excitement at your event. Whether they are revealing your business logo at a company advertising event or a photo prop for memorable picture at your party, just know it's completely worth it for the event. **This is added on to the body painting pricing**

Package Deals

TWO or more is always better than just ONE. We have package deals of choosing two or more of services. For more information email us at info@brushelements.com or fill out the form on our contact page